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The Venlo region (Netherlands) is one of the Netherlands’ largest glasshouse horticulture areas, second only to the Westland area. The Venlo region has been designated one of the Netherlands’ Greenports. Having already adopted the principles of the Green City, Venlo has added a new dimension. It was actually the first region worldwide to embrace the cradle-to-cradle (C2C) philosophy, a concept for sustainability based on the reuse of raw materials, which renders products completely recyclable and turns waste into raw materials.

The pilot site building Villa Flora has been developed within the framework of 2020 policy in the Netherlands which indicates that all new buildings need to be energy neutral and current buildings reduce energy consumption by 30%. Villa Flora will be one of the main eye catchers at Floriade and allows placing the city on the map as the centre of an area for innovative greenhouse industry, providing thus an important economic impulse. The Municipality of Venlo is the contractor for the building.

Key Facts


City of Venlo

Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service

Villa Flora

Type of building: gallery and office

Surface (m²): 4,000 offices + 6,000 exhibition space

Number of users: 80 staff and 150 from event organisers

Number of visitors/month : estimate 33,000 (Note: this is the expected number of persons visiting Villa Flora during the 6 month duration of the Floriade, when the building is open to the general public and all Floriade visitors)

Savings planned: 50% overall; 50% peak demand



Jan van Hees

Project Manager Stichting Greenport Venlo and Villa Flora, SMARTSPACES

 Smartspaces: ICT - Facilities of energy - People - Behaviour.
               A connection of guaranteed energy reduction!