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The primary objective of the pilot site Lleida (Spain) in the SMARTSPACES project is to improve the efficiency of the System for Energy Information (SIE) and Building Energy Information System (BEIS) business model through the application of relevant ICT. The performance improvements are achieved through more refined and precise automatic control of parameters so that consumption can be reduced without any perceived reduction of comfort or quality of the environment within the buildings. The secondary objective is to enable the energy management to be more interactive with the building users through the provision of information to them. Exploiting the technology to motivate people to use buildings as energy efficiently as possible is seen as the key to achieve sustainable energy savings. Information from the energy services are transformed and communicated to the end-users as part of a targeted campaign of awareness raising and participative energy management.

The project includes the following buildings:

  • 9 schools
  • 4 sport centers
  • 5 office buildings

In these building, Energy Management Services and Energy Decision Support Services of the SMARTSPACES project are implemented.

The two services provide more precise, detailed and intelligible information allowing energy managers to make more informed decisions, detect anomalous operation of energy systems earlier and react faster, develop reports and arguments to justify investments in further energy efficiency improvements. The services also provide benchmarking and normalisation enabling performance to be compared and therefore rated.

Key Facts


Lleida Energy Agency



Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 

Office building Sant Francesc

Type of building: administration

Surface: 2,399 m²

Number of users: 101

Number of visitors/month: 21,000

Savings planned: 15% overall; 10% peak demand


Sports halls: Barris Nord, Cap Pont, Pardinyes

Type of building: sports halls

Surface (m²): 10,115 + 1,024 + 2,510 = 29,579

Permanent users: 4 + 2 + 2 = 8

Visitors/month: 7,780 + 2*14,440 = 36,560

Savings planned: 15% overall; 10% peak demand



Esther Fanlo Grasa

Head of Environment Department,Lleida City Council

With the SMARTSPACES project we are checking the great potential of energy saving working with the combination between technology and involvement of users.