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The pilot site Istanbul (Turkey) implemented SMARTSPACES Energy Management and Energy Decision Support Services (EMS and EDSS) in the Fatih Sport Facility where citizens can do sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, fitness, step-aerobic and pilates. The Fatih Sports Facility was constructed in 2007 but the mechanical and architectural designs of the building are not fully efficient yet. Various energy systems are being used within the building including products like chiller group, lighting with semiconductor ballast, boiler systems, air conditioning centrals and swimming pool systems. As part of the SMARTSPACES project, Siemens developed a system with associated services for efficiency management and building automation.

The service implemented and operated in this pilot site is an EDSS – Energy Decision Support System which was installed after a comprehensive refurbishment of the building had taken place.

120 Employees (executives, trainers, reservation staff, maintenance staff, technicians) are working in this facility. Approximately 1000 members visit the facility every day.

Key Facts


Istanbul Sport Event Inc

Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 

Fatih Sports Facility

Type of building: Sport centre and offices

Surface (m²): 22,000 (closed 14,000 / open 8,000)

Number of users: 120 staff members

Number of visitors/month: 50,000

Savings planned: 30% overall; 30% peak demand


 Mustafa Alic

Technical Works Manager, Spor AŞ

We aimed to provide up to 30% energy efficiency only with building automation applications within the scope of ICT.