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Key Facts


City of Hagen (Hagen)


envi GmbH

Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 

Municipality building (city hall)

Type of building: administration

Surface (m²): 25,800

Number of users: 600 (staff)


Savings planned: 10% overall

Emil-Schumacher-Museum (building complex)

Type of building: museum

Surface (m²): 7,500

Number of users: 18 (staff) + visitors

Savings planned: 30% overall



The energy report for both buildings in Hagen can be accessed directly from the web-site. The public service can also be accessed  directly via


The pilot site Hagen (Germany) assess Energy Management and Energy Decision Support SMARTSPACES services for viability in several buildings.

The two partners, City of Hagen (GWH) and envi developed a concept for metering, so that the efficiency of the installed technology (for example heat pipes) and the consumptions of heat for different use areas in the buildings can be evaluated.

Meters visualise all data through a web portal so that they can be presented for different purposes and users. For example, there will be a public space where employees can see the development of the heat consumption and will be motivated to participate in energy saving activities.

The specific energy consumption of similar areas can be compared. User groups with low energy consumption can be identified and serve as an example for good practice. The reasons for the differences in energy consumption between different types of users are elaborated and published.

In a password protected area it is possible for the employees to fill in a time schedule for the use of energy in different areas of the buildings. This time schedule is used automatically for room conditioning.

A periodic comparison of energy input and energy output makes a permanent observation of the technical operating efficiency of the energy systems possible. Malfunctions or energy consumption which are above a calculated or measured threshold are immediately detected and resolved without delay.


Hans-Georg Schmalenbach

Head of Department

Smartspaces: experienced a lot, learned a lot, expectations exceeded