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Key Facts


Bristol City Council

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Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 

The Council House

Type of building: Administrative and Town Hall

Surface (m²): 16,500

Number of users: >1,000

Number of visitors/month: ~12,500

Savings planned: 10% overall; 10% peak demand

Redland Green School

Type of building: Secondary School (Years 7-18)

Surface (m²): 4,016

Staff and student numbers: 2,000

Savings planned: 10% overall; 10% peak demand


The pilot site Bristol (UK) has a long-term plan on carbon emissions reduction in accordance with the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Efficiency Scheme. With 75 % (around 56,650 tonnes) carbon emission, public buildings have to be the focus, especially schools (42%) and corporate buildings (36%) as the largest producers.

Bristol City Council aims to include over 500 buildings in the SMARTSPACES project. Because of their variance in age, size, construction method, usage, occupancy, and degree of central control different SMARTSPACES services are supplied to different buildings. Fuller services might be applied to buildings with higher energy consumption and higher degree of central control.

Therefore, Bristol acts as a pilot site for SMARTSPACES and implements Energy Management and Energy Decision Support Services in several public houses.

Objectives of the services are to:

  • Reduce energy consumption, energy cost and carbon emissions from council buildings, primarily through reduction in wasted energy.
  • Maximise the use of renewable energy generation.

This is achieved by analysing the half-hourly consumption data, and monitoring against targets (daily profile targets and cumulative annual consumption targets).


Paul Isbell

Energy Manager, Bristol City Council

SmartSpaces has enabled Bristol to be a test bed for perfecting energy monitoring and that has given us carbon savings, energy savings and cost savings which is a benefit to the authority; and will also help all the other SystemsLink users as well.