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Key Facts


Birmingham City Council

Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 

Birmingham Council House

Type of building: administration building, offices

Surface (m²): 42,205

Number of users: 739 staff members

Building and energy managers: 4

Savings planned: >20% overall

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Type of building: museum

Surface (m²): 16,723

Permanent users: 90 staff members

Number of visitors/month: 4,200 

Savings planned:> 20% overall



The pilot site Birmingham (UK), aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 60% until 2026 based on its 1990 baseline. The City Council is also required to cope with the introduction of the 'carbon tax' (the UK's carbon reduction commitment) by the Government and deliver required data. To achieve these goals, Birmingham joined the SMARTSPACES initiative as one supporting strategy. Improving the energy efficiency of its own buildings is of great importance as the City has an extensive property portfolio. It is also working with social landlords and householders to offer energy efficiency measures in domestic buildings. The SMARTSPACES technology in public buildings can potentially be used in a domestic context as well.

Birmingham City Council selected several buildings for piloting the Energy Management and Energy Decision Support services. These include the Council House and Museum which both represent big buildings with high resource consumptions.


Nikki Spencer from the pilot site in Birmingham (UK) discusses SMARTSPACES in the Smart City podcast hosted on Birminghamnewsroom.



Cllr. Lisa Trickett

Cabinet Member
Green, Safe and Smart City


The development of Birmingham’s Smart City Roadmap, which will provide greater opportunities for economic prosperity and a high quality of life, including ‘a move towards a low carbon economy through energy and fuel savings, and improved air quality’.  This is yet another example of how Birmingham is working with partners to obtain the great recognition it deserves given Birmingham’s commitment to delivering a smarter, greener, science city.