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The pilot site Belgrade (Serbia) includes two public buildings in which most of the administration of the city of Belgrade authorities is based. There are 1800 permanent employees, security workers, building staff and about 60,000 visitors per month. The pilot site provides 1,500 computers, 900 IP telephones and 500 printers, numerous servers and other necessary equipment for their operation (UPS, electricity generators, and others).

Together with three partners, The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (University of Belgrade), BELIT and Beogradske elektrane, the project aims at improving and thereby reducing the water, electricity and heating consumption of the buildings through an Energy Management Service and Energy Decision Support Service (EMS and EDSS).

Key Facts




Beogradske elektrane


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University Belgrade

Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 


City administration building

Type of building: administration

Surface (m²): 12,699

Number of users: 1,000

Number of visitors/month: 60,000

Savings planned: >15% overall

City administration building

Type of building: administration

Surface (m²): 13,358

Number of users: 700

Number of visitors: Included in above figures

Savings planned: >15% overall




Radmilo Savic

Executive Director

With the SMARTSPACES project we acquire new practical experience in the field of rational use of energy that can be applied to other objects.