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Public Deliverables

Please find here all public deliverables for reading or download. Documents will be published once the EC has approved the content. Please see in the publishable summary section for preliminary results

Number Name  
D1.2 Use Cases for SMARTSPACES services and systems  
D3.2 The SMARTSPACES Service Specification  
D4.2 The SMARTSPACES Prototype System  
D5.1 SMARTSPACES Pilot Operation  
D7.1 Evaluation Plans for SMARTSPACES  
D7.2 SMARTSPACES Pilot Outcomes  
d9.1 Ethics and Data Protection Framework


Please find here the official logo of the project in different data formats.

Smartspaces logo jpg

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Smartspaces logo tif

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Smartspaces logo pdf

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Please find here all published newsletters representing the progress of the project.

Newsletter02 November 2012

Newsletter03 February 2013

Newsletter04 May 2013

Newsletter05 October 2013

Newsletter07 August 2014