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ALEM, the Local Energy Agency of the pilot site Murcia (Spain), takes part in the SMARTSPACES project and provides Energy Decision Support and Awareness Service (EDSS) for all pilot buildings.

ALEM manages energy saving, energy efficiency and promotes renewable energy policies within the territory of the Municipality of Murcia.

The Murcia pilot site includes three public buildings:

  • the Murcia City Council building, built in 1846
  • the Central Police Station
  • Moneo, the annex to the City Council

ALEM also coordinates the Energy Management Services (EMS) in the buildings in order to implement actions focused on energy saving. The agency was in charge of selecting the ICT to be implemented, install the equipment in cooperation with professionals, measure the energy consumed previously and after the ICT implementation, and disseminate the advances achieved among the building staff and visitors so they can participate in the project too.

Key Facts


City of Murcia

Energy Agency ALEM

Services Planned

Energy Management Service


Energy Decision Support Service 

Murcia City Council  

Type of building: Administration building

Surface (m²): 5543

Number of users: 223

Number of visitors/month: 6000

Savings planned: 10 % overall; 10 % peak demand

Annex building to Murcia City Council, Police Station

Type of building: administration – police station

Surface (m²): 2,000 + 4,399 = 6,399

Permanent users:
120 + 45(day)/15(night)/70stud. = 250

Visitors/month: 6,000 + 6,000 = 12,000

Savings planned: 10% overall; 10% peak demand


Pilot Site Video

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Javier Grinan

  Head of Civil Protection Department, Murcia City Council

The participation of Murcia in SMARTSPACES Project has been fundamental to raise energy awarness among municipal employees.