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Bristol pilot site launches SMARTSPACES Professional Suite

Building on the success of the SMARTSPACES Service, which has been running in Bristol since the start of 2013, Bristol City Council and SystemsLink have now developed a further suite of energy management tools. Whereas the original service was focussed on the end consumer in a specific building, the professional suite is aimed at energy professionals looking to manage the energy for an entire portfolio.

The SMARTSPACES Professional Suite provides a comprehensive set of industry-specific tools to both detect problem sites within the portfolio, and provide in-depth analysis to identify solutions. Examples include:

  • Profile Alerts: “Next-day” notification when unusual energy consumption occurs, sent by email to a named building contact. Customisable alerts to suit each building/portfolio.
  • Project Identification: Examination of the half-hourly consumption profile over a whole year, and identification of areas of concern.
  • Project Verification: Analysis of the consumption before and after energy reduction projects, and calculation of potential payback period and return on investment.
  • CUSUM Reports: In-depth analysis of consumption trends.
  • Regulatory Reports: To help deal with particular pieces of energy regulation e.g. Display Energy Certificates, Carbon Reduction Commitment.
  • Peak Shaving and other League Tables: Detection of sites with specific issues e.g. peak hours consumption, high baseload, year-on-year increase, high consumption per square meter.

Find out more on Bristol pilot site here.